Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Conversation with God: Free Will

God, why if you are wholly good did you make a world in which people rape and murder, commit genocide and other atrocities?

I've given my children free will. Everyone has the capacity for both good and evil, it is up to the individual to choose the correct patch.

Why didn't you just make people who would always choose good?

My son, one cannot be said to truly have free will if one must always choose good. Free will is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind.

But why is free will good?

Free will is the essence of existence--surely you can see how free will is not only good, but necessary.

So if free will is good, and you are good, and good is you, does that mean that you too have free will?

Indeed. Man was made in my image. I too have free will. I am also all-good, so it follows that my choices are always good.

Well, why didn't you just make everyone like that?

You see, um........ well one must understand... er......... I'M A MYSTERY! WOOOOO, NOBODY CAN KNOW MY MIND! WOOOOOO..... ahem, mysteryyyyyyy.....

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  1. I struggle with the atheism thing - I feel like I am too intelligent to believe in ghosts but too lucky NOT to believe in some kind of divine intervention.

    What I'm saying is that Jesus is not necessarily my homeboy - but I do let him crash on my couch now and then.

  2. Narm, I didn't know you were reading this blog. At least somebody is, haha.

    I transitioned through a similar spot myself. But if you mean lucky in that we exist, yes, but we would have to be in order to think that. All of the possible people that never will exist aren't so lucky. But if you mean lucky in life, then I have to think about all the murdered, homeless, hungry, abused people who aren't lucky at all.

    Hell, I'd let him crash on my couch too. Unlimited source of wine!